High volume manufacturing of C Peptide

Peptidix C Peptide Volume Production PeptidiX

PeptidiX is the trade name for a company that has the capability to produce c-Peptide which is secreted in the pancreas in the form of a human pro-insulin molecule consisting of two insulin molecules and one molecule of C-Peptide.

When the pancreas doesn’t work properly, it either doesn’t produce any or not enough insulin. Insulin regulates the delivery of glucose to blood cells and C-Peptide converts it into energy and controls the blood’s micro-circulation.

PeptidiX is not a drug and doesn’t heal anything but what it does do is retain the presence of C-Peptide at the correct level. In a way, you could compare it to salt. If the human body doesn’t receive salt, it leads to serious health issues. Rather like calcium deficiency which inevitably leads to brittle bones and blood vessels will break. Salt and calcium are not drugs but similarly to C-Peptide, they are important components of our health systems.

Insufficient C-Peptide in our blood system will lead to a number of health issues due to the deficit of blood circulation in our bodies.

Peptidix’s USP

The company, ably led by a very well respected team of scientists and experts in their field, has been able to solve two main issues that other entities have failed to achieve. a. PeptidiX can produce the concentrate on an industrial scale with vey low costs to benefit the consumer at very affordable prices. b. The company has managed to solve the problem of the dosage and delivery into the guts behind the pancreas by being able to produce the capsule in oral form, rather than in injectable form. This effectively means that the dosage remains in the body for approximately ten to twelve hours, dependent on body weight, rather than dissolving in the stomach.

The benefits of taking PeptidiX

PeptidiX was originally designed to protect people against the side effects of Type 1 diabetes such as “diabetic foot”, loss of vision, kidney nephropathy amongst others. It is also beneficial for those people suffering from Type 2 diabetes as well. PeptidiX not only regulates the micro circulation but also supports the development of the capillary system. Tests confirmed that by taking the capsules that the body grows new blood vessels, demonstrating it’s regenerative effects and so it is also very beneficial for other health issues caused by the problems associated with blood micro-circulation. Unofficial tests concluded good results for dementia sufferers, erectile dysfunction, the removal of “red nose syndrome”, and potentially, Parkinson’s. It can also enhance athletes and sports enthusiasts performances and enable anyone to burn body fat quicker during exercise.

Dosage and manufacturing costs.

We advise a monthly dose of sixty capsules, taken twice daily if the patient’s weight is below 90 kg. 90-150 kg would require three capsules a day and for anyone over 150 kg, four capsules per day.

We can manufacture one capsule for ten cents after all costs. We have calculated an acceptable price of $30 per moth to wholesalers/distributors but if we sell directly to the consumer, we would earn substantially more on an already healthy margin.

By taking PeptidiX on a regular basis, the patient/consumer maintains the concentration of C-Peptide at the proper level in their bodies. If the patient/consumer stops taking PeptidiX, the level of C-Peptide will in their blood will fall and all their original health issues will return.


High volume production of Connecting peptide

There is potential massive demand from people that want to buy c peptide tablets.

This is because of the potential health benefits for people that have had a test and know they have low c peptide levels.

The quantity production of c peptide at a low cost can make the supplement affordable for people with health issues.

With the completion of the peptidix manufacturing facility, high volume industrial production of connecting peptide with have costs not much higher than normal vitamin pills.

People are searching for c peptide for sale right now but it does not exist to buy in the necessary quantities.


High volume production of Connecting peptide

Peptidix is the brand name of a business with the ability to deliver c peptide volume production.

High volume manufacturing of c peptide at a low cost could enable c peptide to be used by many people including people that suffer with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.